lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Your Santiago

Some say that Santiago is the most important city of the country. Maybe in the administrative area, but in my opinion Santiago not peaceful compared with other cities from Chile.
Some things that I like from Santiago are the big variety of people. Here you can find different religions, political beliefs, social strata, nationalities, etc; sharing the same space, especially in the center zone of the city. In spite that the discrimination is still a problem in Santiago, I think that that the life together is nice, compared to other towns that still have a terrible closed mind with some topics, here many cultures can coexist without much problems. Other thing that I like is that here you can find all the services that you need without moving a lot. This is a thing that people of other cities (like me) envy from Santiago. Here you can find many banks, restaurants, stores, etc.
About the things I dislike, are the less peace that I can get, because all the people is always running stressed and with a detestable humor , like they don’t have time to be happy.  Other thing is the pollution, not just the smog, also the garbage that is present everyday on the streets; I think that people should be more educated in this aspect. Finally, I hate the public transport; I think that is inhumane keep the people packed into the subway or on the Transantiago like sardines. We are people, not animals!
The changes that I would do are giving to all the people an “Armonyl”, for make them the life easier and less stressed. Finally and the most important is create more green areas, to incentivize the environment care and minimize the consequences of the pollution.
A tip that I give to the visitors is, first of all, take care with their bags because are the favorite people for the thief. Finally have a lot of patience and give yourself the time to know al the spaces of this city that is a little crazy but is nice.

Chinese Horoscope 2012


My Favourite Beach

Always I go to the same placed to expend my winter and summer vacations, that place is a beach called, Papudo, is a place that I likes to much, because everybody haves fun, can go to the sand, swim at the water where there is a platform about 300 meters, where too much people goes there and then back to the sand to get a sunbathing, but I only likes to swim near to the sand because I just want to relax in the evenings and go to parties at night, especially with my friends. That is a place where I like to go twice a year, once on January or February and once on July or maybe on September, for my birthday, that’s why in summer I like to go with my family, friends and my boyfriend and on national holidays, with my boyfriend, if you want to go, only you haves to take the route 5 northwards, only about 150 kilometers, and then you will see a sign that will show you where turn left and get to the west, there are about another 20 kilometers. The people there is very kind and offer too many places where you can rent for the days that you want, the prices of course are different and depends how near or away are from the beach, but is a cheap place, of course compared with other places, I likes to go to a place that is near to the beach, especially because on vacations I don´t like to use my car. I hope you can visit Papudo soon and you will see that is a very beautiful and entertaining place.

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Christmas Time (Don't let the bells end)

I love "The Darkness" and I think that the song and the video are very funny. Christmas n' Roll =)

My Christmas

Last Saturday night I celebrate Christmas night in my house in Los Andes with my parents, my brother, my sister, my aunt and my cousins. My parents and my grandparents are Catholics so they went to the church meanwhile my sister and me; we were fixing the last details of the dinner. We decorate the table with flowers and candles, it was very beautiful. My grandmother cooked the dinner; she is such a professional in the kitchen. She prepares beef, turkey and many delicious salads and for dessert an appetizing berries bavaroise. On the table we share some experiences with the family, because we don’t get together often, especially with my cousin and my grandparents who don’t live in Los Andes. After the dinner I took my little cousin and we went to looking for Santa and when we return to the house, the Christmas tree was empty of presents. Meanwhile the kids were open their presents, the rest of the family were drinking champagne, wine except me and my sister that we drank beer. After the family celebration I went to my best friend house, and there we meet with other friends and we share a good time together.

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

One on one with Al Pacino

Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors in the history. His real name is Alfred James Pacino; he was born on April 25, of 1940 in the city of New York, United States. Today he is 71 years old and is dedicated to the direction, screenwriter and to produce films. He started smoking at age nine, and began drinking and smoking marijuana at age 13, but never took hard drugs. Pacino left the school and his house when he was so young, then he started to job to save money for finance his acting studies. Alfred successfully auditioned for the Actors Studio, an important organization for professional actors, theatre directors and playwrights in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. In his career, he had has performed many times the mobster character, having a big success, bringing the fame and recognition to him.

I think that Al Pacino is the best actor of the world; his movies are a classic film that nobody has to die without watch them. His talent is so clear to see, everyone just have to look his participation in “The Godfather” or in Scent of Woman and will be fall at his feet.

If I had the opportunity I would ask him “what does it feels to embody one of the most famous mobster characters of the world?”, “what of all the characters  that you have interpreted, is your favorite?” “How does it feel to embody a blind man?”

A song from the past

I always remember when I was child, every weekend my dad put out loud music when he and my mom were cleaning the house. I guess he is the fan number one of the band “The Police”, and it was what I heard every weekend. “Wrapped around your finger” is the name of the song that I usually sang with my dad, and we used to take some brooms and we play them like a guitar. I think that then I had six or seven years old and while we were singing, my mother was taking some pictures. It reminds me good times, because at these days I had no more worries than eat and smile, and everything else was concern of my parents.
Today The Police is one of my favorite bands, even though they have separated. I think that good music should not be forgotten. Now that I’m bigger I can understand what I was singing when I was child, because then I just said things in a strange language (My own strange English). Now I’m still listening to the song and I love the music video where Sting is singing and jumping between hundreds of burning candles.